How do I write a prisoner?

If you are 18 years or older, use their postal address listed in their ad and on InmateMingle.com for a fee of $5.00 Inmate Mingle will send your letter for you.

  Do you have information about an inmate's crime?

The only information we have about a prisoner's crime is what is posted on their webpage. This has been provided by the prisoner and not verified by Inmate Mingle. However at the bottom of the inmates profile is a link to the corrrectional facility for you to use.

  I want to write a prisoner, but I am not 18 yet, can I still do it?

Sorry, no. It is not just our policy, but many prisons policies as well. You must be 18 or older to write a prisoner.

  Can prisoners get stamps, gifts, etc?

Each prison has its own rules that are constantly changing. It is best to ask your pen pal directly or ask the prison office if you want to surprise your pen pal.

  How can I help Inmate Mingle?

There are many ways we can use your help. Post to all social media sites or following Inmate Mingle on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, send links to our sites to friends, post information about our site on bulletin boards, organize pen pal writing groups, but the most important thing is to write a prisoner! That is why we are here and it is not possible without your help.

  Can I e-mail a prisoner?

The answer has always been no but things are starting to change rapidly. Many prisons have allowed pay for use email services into the prison. The largest is Jpay.com. To see if a certain prisoner can use the service go to http://www.jpay.com and enter the inmates information. Using Jpay.com can be a little confusing. In Texas for example the inmates can receive an email but they must respond via postal mail. For this reason you must include your postal mailing address so they can respond. Another state Washington they can both received and send emails via jpay.com. Many federal prisons use the pay for use service accesscorrections.com. They invite you on their list and you must accept them before they can email you. It is free for you but the inmate pays a fee. There are other services emerging. So my suggestion is to write the first letter via postal mail and ask the inmate if they have access to email..

  How often are ads updated?

New profiles are being listed regularly. The average time to post new profiles varies depending on the current volume we are working with. Usually within one to five days of receiving a prisoner's ad.

  What is the number next to the prisoner's name?

This is the Department of Corrections number. You must include this next to the prisoner's name when writing them or the letter will not be delivered.

  Can I write an inmate if I live outside of the United States?

Yes - You may want to mention to the inmate that it will cost them extra postage to reply.

  Do you have a disclaimer posted on Inmate Mingle?

Yes, we do as we are dealing with convicted felons. The disclaimer is on the home page: We (Inmatemingle.com) accept no responsibility for the accuracy of any content found within these pages. The appropriate safeguards should be used in communicating with any person(s) that you may meet through this service. By using this service, you agree to not hold us responsible for any costs, liabilities, attorney's fee or damages that you may incur. The ads placed on my service are written by the inmates and we are only the means by which their ads are published. To use this service you must be at least 18 years of age.