Do I have to be worried about scams when writing inmates?

Caution must always be used when dealing with inmates. Here are some of the problems we have encountered: FAKE PICTURES. OLD PICTURES. It is common that they cannot send us a recent photo. We do not remove them from the site for this reason if the photo is of them. UNDERSTATING THEIR AGE. SHORTENING HIS/HER RELEASE DATE. This can be very complicated because they may be stating the expected release date after earning gain time or they may be stating an optimistic parole date. If a lady says she gets out in two years and she is in for life we obviously will remove them, but it is not always that simple. LYING TO GET MONEY. They sometimes outright lie to get money sent to them. The best advice is not to send money or only very small amounts for stamps, stationary, or small luxuries such as shampoo, deodorant, shoes, etc.

  How many inmates can I write?

You are free to write as many as you would like to write to. Being a pen-pal is an investment of time. You need to determine how much time you wish to allocate, this will help you determine how many pen-pals you should manage. You may wish to write several to increase your chances in finding someone who you enjoy writing. As a reminder, you must be at least 18 years of age to write to the inmates listed on Inmate Minlge Pen-pal.

  How can I locate an inmate?

You can check the correctional facility website from their state to see if an inmate search is available. Link is provided at the bottom of the inmates profile.

  Do you post the inmates crime on their profile listings?

Yes, we post the inmates crime as in addition to other information contained in their listing provided directly by the inmate. This allows you as a potential pen-pal to know as much about the inmate as possible so you may determine if this is someone who you would like to pursue a relationship with. For full disclosure of the inmates crime and verification of other details pertaining to the inmate, we suggest you contact the correctional facility the inmate is located. You can do this either by postal mail, phone call or you may be able to find the information located within the correctional facilities website.

  Do you have any questions you think should be here ?

Please email them to us info@inmatemingle.com

  How does Inmate Mingle work?

The prisoners pay us to post their pen-pal profiles. You, the public, can write to inmates free of charge. We never charge you anything to use this website.

  How can I have a inmate's profile removed from the website because he/she no longer wants to be listed?

You can’t. All requests for removal need to come directly from the inmate. Inmates must submit in writing that they want their profile removed. Once we receive their written request, a confirmation letter is mailed back to them. Once we get this back, the profile is removed. This is done for their protection. Under no circumstances will we remove a profile unless the inmate requests it directly and in writing. This can take a few weeks. If the inmate has stated that we are not responding to their requests for removal, this is incorrect. We respond to every letter that comes into this office, and our goal is to get inmates who don’t want to be listed off as soon as possible to help free up pen-pals for inmates who need them. In this event, ask the inmate to send his or her profile removal request to us via Certified Mail.

  I found an inmate on your website who has a different release date then the one provided by the Department of Corrections. Why is this?

The release dates listed on inmate profiles may not exactly match those on the DOC websites. This is because inmates will often factor in gain time, pending appeals, etc. Therefore, government information and inmate information may conflict. The inmate is not necessarily trying to mislead you with varying release dates. In many cases, inmates are simply planning on an earlier or later release based on criteria that has not yet or may not be applied to the government's website.

  Can I send your inmates commercial advertisements?

No. This is a violation of our Terms and services.

  Does inmate mingle work with minors?

No. Under no circumstances will we work with anyone under the age of 18 years old. While we strongly support family and friends maintaining contact with underage persons incarcerated, we will never facilitate mail for minors.