How do I contact the prison office?

Simply write to the same address that your pen pal is at, only do not put their name and DOC # on the envelope with the address. Instead, write PRISON ADMINISTRATION and then simply ask your questions. Some prisons have prepared lists they will send you.

  How do I find out a criminal history on a person?

Contact the prison and ask them how you do this. Every state, county and federal prison has different rules.

  I sent in a friends ad and haven't seen it yet - what's the story?

Our ad processing time is 6 to 8 weeks, but we usually get them up and on in 4 weeks. You should also check under the new prisoner listings first. We put the ads there to feature them and get the prisoners pen pals fast!

  How do I organize a book drive for prisoners?

Since each prison makes their own rules and is so different, the first thing to do is pick a prison that is close to you. Then contact the librarian there and see what kind of books they need. Next, get creative with collecting the books. Ask friends and family to help. Take boxes to work, stores, libraries, churches, etc., and put a sign up about what you are doing and why. You will be surprised how many people will help out. Always get permission first though! Get creative and have fun. We always love to hear about the book drives, let us know how they went.

  How do I email an Inmate with a Corrlinks Institutional email?

To email an Inmate with a Corrlinks Institutional email you must create a Corrlinks account. You will then have to write the Inmate first and send your email info/ address before they are able to email you. They will then send you a confirmation code to your email, login into your Corrlinks account, enter the code and you are ready to email the Inmate. If you would like for us to email the Inmate your information we can do so by sending your information to info@inmatemingle.com. Please remember to list the Inmate's name and Inmate number when emailing us.