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  Claborne Gallien

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    Beaumont TX

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Hello! I hope and pray this introduction letter connects with you in the most highest possible spirits that can be reached. I also pray that you are BLESSED! And highly! Favored by God and thankful for your present life’s moment. If for any reason you do not agree with how your present moment is, then close your eyes, meditate on something positive for sixty seconds. Open your eyes, the first thing you should notice and give thanks to God for is your HEART!, you have something to be really thankful for. I haven’t always been this joyful in life, it took me to receive a ninety-year sentence for my third eye sixth sense to be open and aware of what life is truly about, and it starts with Jesus Christ. I do my best everyday to keep a smile on my face and think positive, it’s not easy though especially in this dark and negative environment. But I’ve always has a strong will to make it through any obstacle that comes my way. Let me give you a brief description of myself. I’m a very kind and loving person who rejoices in seeing people smile when I help them out, it gives them hope and let’s them experience the love of God. I have many talents. I can cut hair, draw, sing/rap, play basketball, etc., etc. My best hobby is socializing, I like discussing real life experiences and elaborating on how we as a people can make the world a better place. I’m family-oriented, I’m very intelligent, trust worthy, honest, strong will-powered, I have a BIG HEART! And I love to joke around and laugh. I always had the integrity and ambition to succeed at anything I put my mind to. I love pizza, tacos, French fries, gumbo, jumbalya and good home cooked soul food. Over all I am a people person, people love being around me, I brighten their day and ease the pain. My weaknesses: Anger, kindness and selfishness: I sometimes get so angry that I lose all sense of consciousness but not my conscience. This might be unusual but at times I’m so kind people tend to abuse it, then I get very unpolite and it causes me to lose my character and create unwanted problems. The worst down fall: selfishness: sometimes I experience so much pain that I’m like, “me, myself and I,” but I always managed to overcome my short comings before the day ends. That’s pretty the basics of me. These are the qualities I’m hoping and seeking from you, but I will accept you as you are: God-fearing, kind hearted, faithful, trust worthy, forgivable, honest, reliable, strong, brave, willing to sacrifice and family-oriented. Can you cook? I hope so, LOL! Stay blessed, stay prayed up, stay safe. See you at mail call, Thank you!
Sincerely Yours,
Claborne Joseph Gallien Jr.
(You can call me Cla.)

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Convicted Of:

Aggravated Sexual Assault /Minor

On Death Row:


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Claborne Gallien #1382516
Gib Lewis Unit
777 FM 3497
Woodville,Texas 75990

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