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  Santos Rodriguez

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    Van Nuys, CA

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Excuse me Miss while I tickle your thoughts and attempt to steal a smile or two… I’d like to start by sharing one of my poems with you.
“In Search I Might”
Somewhere along my train of thought,
A sudden rush created a spark.
A spark that flowed within my soul.
Longing for a friendship that would grow.
Nothing more than sincere rapport,
Built on loyalty, trust and more.
Maybe today, maybe tonight,
Maybe a week, maybe years’ time.
But search and search, in search I might,
Find a special friend in life.
Someone who listens, who doesn’t judge,
Someone to calm me when I feel a grudge.
Can you be, that friend for me?
And make me laugh until I pee?
I mean that metaphorically!
A sense of humor I can bring,
And make you laugh uncontrollably.
I can be that ear for you,
When you might be feeling blue.
After all that’s what we’re for.
Being friends is its own reward.
But search and search, in search I might,
Find a special friend for life!
In all sincere honesty, that’s what I’m looking for; someone who I can confide in my thoughts to share in laughter. I’m not trying to sell you a dream or be someone I’m not. Two of my biggest traits are loyalty and honesty. If you keep things real and sincere with me, ill keep things feel and sincere with you, and we can build on a lasting friendship.
They say in order to build trust one must be willing to take a leap of faith… if I’m saying I’m willing to be an open book for you to see my intentions, would that be enough to encourage you to write and get to know me? It only takes a second of time to change your entire life; a minute to meet someone captivating; an hour to get to know them and decide whether you like them – or not- but how will you know what that encounter might bring if you don’t take that leap?
I probably could have told you a lot more about me and I probably should, but why not keep things interesting and spontaneous? Surprise one another on this journey! I’ll tell you one more thing about me: I’m far from judgmental and while I have yet to meet you, I can honestly say I accept you for who you are! I’m not looking for any particular person so as long as you express who you really are. We can shoot the breeze and talk about whatever; We can share each other’s thoughts and laughter; we can help each other grow on all aspects of life; we can be each other’s rock to lean on when things get hard… there are no limits to what our friendship may bring!
I have a lot of time on my hands and I’d like to share it with you. Until time allows us to meet…
Sincerely yours,

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Convicted Of:

Murder, Attempted Murder

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Santos Rodriguez #R69474
Stateville Correctional Center
P.O. Box 112
Joliet,Illinois 60434

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