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  Larry W Johnson

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    Milwaukee WI

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Dear Nefertiti,
Can I call you this? Or, at the least, wallow in my own fantasy of believing that if your reading this ad- you’re a Queen (which I hold most precious). They said, “be creative and honest when writing this introduction.” Well, I can’t overstate the fact that Nefertiti was one of the greats…always quality, never abstract. If this is in you, loyalty & royalty, this greeting is written directly for you (someone special, with strong leadership & management skills, a guardian, a natural idealist, an artisan, and rational). Because you’ll receive the same in return. I’m not perfect. Nobody can be perfect, but I do seek to surround myself with a person/friends that look more like my future then my past. I’m flawed but compassionate and authentic. I’m interested in different cultures, even willing to learn yours more. If you speak a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th language- do not hesitate to get in contact with me (I’ll be the student). 😊 I’ve always had a very high interest in those that have careers in fields, like: medicine, law, marketing, business, education, government, military, agricultural, and writing. At the moment, I work at the prison as a ISNW (Inmate Special Need Worker) which is a caretaker/nurse type of job through the medical department. I’m also training service dogs for a canine organization; my dog name is “Yoga.” She’s 6 months, 45lbs but a beast at training. In both areas, these two things have opened my heart wide and made me feel the need to spend the rest of my life-giving service to others in need. I’m also an urban novel Author through the Library of Congress, many novels coming out in the future (second book in the making as we speak). However, if interested in getting to know me better- HOLLA! If you’re a writer, don’t be scared to write. If you’re a tech person, send your email address, I have Corrlinks services that can link us through emails first- you just need to set up an account on your end after I send the invite (your choice). Only that special someone will understand this request, there’s so much more behind the man your reading about (which I’m willing to be open to when better acquainted with). And last but not least, I’m transitioning home as we speak. I’m willing to relocate, readjust my atmosphere, as long as you know that I’ve been incarcerated for 22 ¼ years…your patience in my adjustments to life after prison will be needed. Vibration to all the kings men, and the kings horses. 😊 Get at me, Nefertiti!
L.W. Johnson

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Convicted Of:

First Degree Reckless (ptac) Armed Bank Roobery (ptac)

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Larry W Johnson #228367
Stanley Correctional Institution
100 Correction Drive
Stanley,Wisconsin 54768

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