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  Jon Wilson

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    Granada Hills

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Hello, so people tell me, “when you join a pen-pal site, you must design your profile a certain way in order to attract a particular class of people.” However, in life I have discovered that being myself is always what’s best when trying to meet someone new.

I’m 50, seeking a lifelong friendship with someone I can confide in, who will allow me to be their confidant, share my faith with, be their shield for negativity, and who has the strength and compassion to give me guidance and direction during times of adversity.

I’m very easy going, I try to put others first and I have become a good listener. I’m a private person, but not in a way that would create a lack of communication between us, or allow myself not to be vulnerable, I just keep my family and friends close due to that love and appreciation I have for them.

While growing up I experience many things and place, I had many interest/hobbies… Snow skiing, surfing, BMX racing, motorcycles, (street & dirt) martials-arts, fishing, camping, horseback riding, organized sports, I’m also a jeweler by trade. I’ve always loved animals, and I use to love to enjoy life in and outside of my home.

Unfortunately, I was 18 when arrested, been through a lot, (in and outside of prison) learned many lessons in regards to life, family, friends, love, trust, faith, appreciation, and from those lessons learned I’ve made many positive changes, but I’m not claiming to be perfect.

My daughter, (shown with her half-sister whom I love just the same) are grown with kids of their own. I missed out on watching them grow up, my second biggest regret.

I’ve been divorced since 2006, separated since early 2000, she was a great person. I tried developing something special with someone after, even tried pen-pal ads, it just never worked out, but I was in a different frame of mind back then, so I feel it was my fault.

A couple of years ago things changed for me, I now have hope, (and what I mean by that is) I’m currently doing LWOP, but due to previous and up coming changes in the laws, being 18 when I was arrested, having 31 yrs. in, I now have hope of being released, possibly as early as late next year so I feel I am ready to commit to something better and life changing.

BTW, I’m 6’3”, approximately 200 lbs. and I have strawberry blond hair with some gray. That’s me in the 4th grade, just a kid always trying to have fun and playing sports.

So, I hope I’ve said enough to entice your interest, but I hope I didn’t’ sound desperate either. I just want to meet someone I can connect with on a level that allow us both to be who we are as human-beings. So be happy, be blessed and I hope to be hearing from you soon.

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Jon Wilson #D-77725
P.O. Box 5244
Corcoran,California 93212

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