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  Pablo Tlatenchi

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    Chicago IL

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I’m looking to meet and start what I hope can be a good friendship with a strong, intelligent woman that is kind, fun and open-minded. I’m definitely open to the possibility of a relationship beyond that of just friends, after all most great relationships start off as friendships, (at least that is what romance movies tell us, don’t they? 😊). I know this might not be the usual way for people to meet, but that should not discourage you from writing, sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can end up being a good thing. I would consider myself to be a cool person, I have a pretty laid-back personality, some might say too quiet, but I think I’m just more comfortable observing and paying attention, a habit I developed in here due to the environment I’ve basically grown up in. That does not mean I don’t like to talk, I do, especially if it involves talking, (or writing), a beautiful woman. After all that is the reason I’m doing this, to meet a woman that also enjoys a good conversation, that can brighten my days a little. Sometimes we all need to know that we have a person there for us when we are feeling down, or someone to
share those good days with, a mutual trust. I won’t say I’ll always have the answers or know the right thing to say but I’ll always be there to listen.
As you can see I’m something of an artist, far from a great one, but the potential is there, what do you think? I like painting more than just drawing, but art is art, though with painting the art really comes to life, at least that is my opinion. Art is my main passion, though I do enjoy other things like music (listening),and reading, I’m actually a bit of a nerd 😊, I’m not sure how it happened , or when, but I like to read books that might seem odd for someone in prison, like history, science, and other random things, though I do have to read a book a few times to actually understand it, I really enjoy doing it, as I said, odd, but positive so it’s all good. I’m not sure if you are checking out my profile out of curiosity or real interest, either way, I hope that I’ve somehow managed to catch your interest as someone you would like to get to know. Write and tell me about yourself, what you are like, your interest, etc. don’t be shy! I encourage you to ask any questions you have, I’ll answer them as best as possible. I ask that you do have patience in dealing with snail mail, at times it can really live up to its name and move slow. Please include a picture or two with your letter. I look forward to meeting you.


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Pablo Tlatenchi #R-52286
Pontiac Correctional Center
P.O. Box 99
Pontiac,Illinois 61764

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