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Jarvis Hemphill (27), USA
Hey, Nice to meet you. I hope all is well with you. Allow me to introduce myself. First and foremost, honesty and respect plays a major role in my life. I live my life by my own standards. I’m open-minded, non-judgmental, down to earth, caring, and motivated by positive vibes in my life. I believe that the key towards a prosperous future is building and communicating on different levels. Also, I have goals and aspirations of becoming a successful car salesman and that’s my stepping stone to successfully opening other doors. I’m interested in traveling the world and exploring new things because I’ve never had a chance, so I’m driven by that. I enjoy going to the movies with my lady and having fun beyond boundaries. A night out with me is like a night out with Tarzan LOL. I like watching live stand up comedy. It’s my pleasure to watch and learn from my lady as she throws down in the kitchen. I also like camping, watching sports, reading and exercising my mind as well as my body. I’m willing to build a friendship with an open-minded woman. I look forward to building with you. Thanks for a moment of your time, you have a blessed day.

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