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Alex Leo (28), USA
Sup, My name is Alex. I’m a Cali guy. Born and raised in Southern California. I’m a people’s person. I love to mingle. So, I figure I give this a chance shout out to Inmate Mingle good looking out for the opportunity. The picture above is me, my moms and two sisters. I’m 6 feet even I’m easy going, spontaneous type of guy. So, you can talk to me about anything. I’m 27 years old I’m just looking to meet new people, make new friends, and find somebody to correspond with me. I ain’t with the games I don’t play’em either. I’m very honest. I love food. Cooking is my specialty. I have a lot of favorite foods truth be told if it smells good I’m eating it 😊 music depends how I’m feeling that day rap, oldies, R&B and reggae are really my go toos. Man, I really don’t like writing intros I’m trying hard to sell myself right now 😊 LOL If your interested just hit me up my address is right there I can express myself way better just try me! 😊 -Much love

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