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Julius Andrews (35), USA
Appreciate the interest in my profile! Hopefully something sparks, and we can further build a friendship. My name is Julius, those closest to my heart call me Juelz or Jew. I’m 34 young, 6’0, 200 lbs. athletic frame with no children. Originally from Washington, DC. Spent equal time between Maryland and Virginia growing up. Known as the DMV area. Consider myself to be a good-hearted man, with more positive qualities than negative. The type to cheer you on, help to find a solution to any problem, give guidance and strength when needed. Overall, I’m laid-back, self-motivated with jokes to lighten you up. Enjoy taking trips, movies, music, sports, staying in shape, clothes and card games. Believe in giving God the glory, protecting and being able to be depended on by family and friends. Not allowing people to put their own fear and limitations on me. Wake up each day trying to build on the last, control what I can, by putting myself in the best position. Applaud anyone that recognizes a continued loop of bad decisions and corrects themselves. I’m looking to vibe with like-minded individuals, who don’t shy away from the daily hustle and grind, to reach the shine. Appreciate your time, look forward to hearing from you. Julius

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