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Harold Caley (34), USA
Hi, my name is Harold Thomas Caley, but my friends call me Tommy. I’m kinda new to this not really sure what to expect. I’ve had some friends, that were really successful in meeting really good people and making friends and even as far as falling in love. So, with seeing their good fortune it has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and be a little adventurous. Hopefully I will gain the opportunity to find something real, something special! I am searching for a pen-pal with the potential to grow into a fulfilling, invigorating, friendship, companionship, and possible relationship? Someone who’d be dutiful in corresponding with me, accompanying and assisting me during the rest of my time if we click. LOL. Someone who can look past my current situation and see the real me. I’d love to get to know someone special on that special level. Here’s a heads up my hobbies currently include working out, drawing and designing tattoos, baseball, football, cooking, music, and I’m soon to be starting college classes! I love to keep a smile I’m outgoing, laid back, funny sense of humor, I’m very respectful, plus I can be silly when I want. I’m not into a whole lot of drama, what I’d love is for you to share yourself with me, what are your interests? What’s a day in your life? Do you have any future goals that your aspiring to? Well that’s it for now. I look forward to hearing from you and to us truly getting to know one another. I am not able to receive third party communication so please write me directly, if you do so wish to communicate, thank you and let’s make this chance worth taking.

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