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Chris Carlson (33), USA
Inmate seeks S.W.F. who can help keep him out of trouble, hold his attention & wants to make a connection with someone truly interested in getting to know them. Incarcerated for going after the wrong woman looking for the right one. Someone who can “that woman must have been bat sh*t crazy”. Must have a sense of humor, be a little dirty minded, attractive, & have a strong work ethic. A girl that’s about getting her money. I’m a S.W.M. 32, 5’9, 175 lbs., hazel eyes. Athletic build. Who enjoys art, music, reading, exercising (esp. crunches), comedy, anything that involves money, & honesty any activity I can do with you that could help build a relationship. Seeking friends to joke around with (jokes, funny pictures, etc.) Romance letters for adult fun, (test your adult creative writing lol). Females that enjoy spoiling a man. (in more ways than 1), & phone play. O.T.R. with right person. If this sounds like you then what’s up girlfriend! Where have you been all my life. You can contact me on www.Jpay.com using my dame Chris Carlson & D.O.C. #892366, Through the mail or if you send me your # & a good time to call, I’ll try to call you. Contact me so we can break the ice that can lead to hellos, handshakes, hugs, smile, & who knows.

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