Success Stories

  Met my soul mate!!!

Thank you for publishing my pen-pal profile. As a result I met my soul mate, best friend and future wife. She is intelligent and a good Christian. On November 19,2017 we will be married, Thanks be to God.

God bless all who read this.

Brian J. Lawler

  Found Someone Very Special

Greeting and Blessing be upon you all! I have found someone very special. Thank you for your service!

God Bless,

Oscar Figueroa

  Success Story!

I never thought I would find that perfect one. My list of expectations are so high. So, imagine my shock, which soon evolved into happiness, when this amazing woman entered my life. She met every expectation and then some!! My lady is ambitious, determined and loving. She is goal and family oriented. Beautiful inside and out. I found a woman who makes me want to love in ways I can’t understand. She is the type of woman that brings purpose to every love song. I’m truly happy and can honestly say I met and have my ideal woman. The one I can grow with, cry on her shoulder if I need to without feeling less than a man. We complement each other. Through her I’ve found heaven on earth, she is my soulmate. My next step (our I should say) is getting married. My advice for those out there who has yet to find their soulmate. Don’t give up, step out your comfort zone, outside of your box. Stay positive and never settle for less than you want. In time, you will find who you’re looking for, just leave it in God’s hand.

Jahmal G.

  My Success Story...

No more searching. I have found my other half… I found the one that fell in love with me for my eyes, my smile, the sound of my voice. I found the one who wants to know everything about me, but yet does not judge me. I found a man that’s passion not only touches my body, but my soul! I found someone who smiles an honest smile, showing me that they are truly happy. I found someone who is willing to risk their taste buds on my new pasta dish. I found someone that brings a smile to my face and a sense of hope to my day with a very mention of his name, he brings happiness and joy to my soul. He gives me faith to keep going. I found “My” someone. This is my love story and one day, just one day you will find yours. Someone will come into your life and love you forever, unconditionally.

Naomi H. (Companion to Jahmal G.)

  I never put myself out there to meet someone special until...

I never put myself out there to meet someone special until I came across inmate mingle. I was drawn to their ad, so I decided to have my profile posted not knowing what to expect. A little over a week of being on the site I received an email from Christianne, I was very interested in what she said in her email to me. I noticed we had a lot in common within that first email. we enjoyed doing a lot of the same things in life. through her words I could tell she was a very sweet woman and after many of emails between us we were both ready to talk on the phone and once that I heard her voice she had me at hello. she is an amazing woman and I fell in love with and that love has grown solid between us. she is so beautiful, loving and caring to me. I give her 100% of me and she gives back 100% of herself. Inmate mingle was all new to me, but each day I feel blessed for what their site and work has done for me. Their site gave me the opportunity to meet the love of my life, my soul mate and I found everything and more than I could hope for in her, my girlfriend Christianne.

Michael Perkins

  Instant Connection

I stumbled upon inmate mingle by accident, I was looking at a different website and a ad appeared for the site and I thought why not I'll give it a go. After looking through a few different profiles none of which caught my eye I found Michael. I was drawn initially to his profile from his picture, he's very handsome and exactly what I look for physically in a man, but what really got my attention was how he described what he was looking for and himself, he seemed a kind, down to earth man seeking friendship. I also noticed I was able to email him at his facility which appealed to me because I thought it would be quicker than snail mail, especially considering I was in the UK. Within a few hours of sending my email he emailed me right back and I could tell we had a instant connection, we have so much in common, share the same sense of humor and I'm always touched by how kind and considerate Michael is. After a few weeks, we spoke on the phone and that was it, we fell in love and our love has grown stronger by the day. We manage to talk for a few hours a week on the phone and email daily and share a wonderful relationship. If it wasn’t for inmate mingle I wouldn’t have known Michael existed, so I'm very grateful to the site for introducing me to my soul mate.

Christianne (Companion to Michael Perkins)

  Wow after 3 weeks of being on your site

So, I met Corina off Inmate Mingle’s site 3 weeks after I got put on it. She has become the most important person in my life. She is coming from California to visit me across the USA in Virginia. I plan to marry her the day before my birthday. Without Inmate Mingle I would have never had this chance to meet the woman of my dreams! Thank you Inmate Mingle for making my dreams a reality!

Josh K.